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06. 06. 2012


DOWN TO NINE's selbstbetiteltes Debut ist digital in allen bekannten Stores, Plattformen und sonstigen Medien verfügbar. Wer eine schöne, physische Kopie mit einem schicken Booklet und alles Songtexten bevorzugt sollte oben auf ALBUM BESTELLEN klicken und uns eine kurze Nachricht schicken.

DOWN TO NINE's self-titled Debut is digitally available in all relevant stores, plattforms and media. If you prefer a beautiful, physical copy with a fancy booklet and all the lyrics please use the ALBUM BESTELLEN (=order) button and shot us a message.


On a waterslide the way up might seem long
Climb it despite the ride down seems all the fun
Fear and pleasure are hard to measure as

I have a mind to clear
But trust me I’ll be fine my dear
The only thing I need is time my dear
Until that I’m gonna stay wandering alone

Being in this place alone
And no one’s around
No one to care
No one is there

After quiet resting, dreaming, testing is done
Embrace this place, embrace time waste for once
World is waiting takes you one a tasting of


Being in this place alone
And no one is there
No one to care
About the things that I fear

No one to care about the way you are
No one puts boundaries to your thoughts
No one is there to guide your little yacht
Just let it bounce on the wave of what
Of what you’ll find

I see the trouble in believing in fate
Or holy destiny deciding on our way
Someone almighty playing an almighty game
I would rather hold this power in my hand

A rock seems solid but it's not only that
Paper seems fragile but it has a skill to wrap
And scissors are sharp but they're easy to break
Rock, paper, scissors! I'm telling you my friends

So I say, it's a fair game
And we play about everything
Just one tool let me see your hand
Rock, paper, scissors till the end

So there shall be a new order from today
In wars economies in politics and trade
Something all encompassing something non rational
Rock, paper, scissors decides on these things


I say
1 - 2 - 3 - rock!
1 - 2 - 3 - paper!
1 - 2 - 3 - scissors!
1 - 2 - 3 - oh

You will get to know me soon
Will put your head in my lap
All the lies surrounding you
No more I'll buy into
If you thought you had the choice
Acting bad and playing nice
I'll tell you in a familiar voice
What might take you by surprise

Save your sorries and I'll save mine
thank you for the time
Save your sorries and I'll save mine
thanks for everything

As I'm trying to make my point
I see it gets lost in the line
On the border to disjoin
What wants to be redefined

This is quite an unfamiliar ground
Something you don't do everyday
Before I know it I've pulled out
Wash those naive dreams away


DOWN TO NINE’s self-titled 2012 debut album is a progressive, and diverse collection of melodic rock hymns. From country-influenced songs like “Big City Cowboy”, pop rock tunes like "No One's Around", to epic ballads like "Bitter", the band is showcasing its diverse repertoire of styles. While the bonus track "Last 50 Cents" shows the DOWN TO NINE's classic rock'n'roll imprint, “Rome on the Subway” is showing the band’s connection to Berlin as a city of individualists and never ending source for curiosities. You can also listen to the complete album on Spotify! Just search DOWN TO NINE.

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  1. Das Album ist super. Danke für die Geburtstagsüberraschung! Ich werde es ihn Ehren halten! 🙂

  2. A-ha-ha-haaa *utzutz, tata, huiiiiieh!

  3. Das Album eignet sich ganz wunderbar als Laufmusik, ist allerdings doof, wenn man keine Puste mehr zum Mitsingen hat 😀


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